07:15 AM, Saturday. Mid-September, perhaps.

Elena had risen before the sun, as she usually did. No work meant nothing to do. Just how she liked it. It felt almost foreign to be in anything besides a suit. Since it was hot, she settled for jeans and a sweater. She knew she’d be alone where she was going, but passing people on the street meant being seen. And showing more skin than needed made her incredibly uncomfortable.

So she’d sweat. That would definitely be the least of her worries. So, knapsack slung over her shoulder, she headed out the door with a frown on her face. Bag’s contents included:

  • Small, leather bound journal, half full
  • Ballpoint pen
  • What was left of her bottle of anti-anxiety pills
  • Handgun
  • PHS, low battery.

She made it to the woods in record time. It was silent, as usual. She greeted it with long steps and anticipation. She could hear water running.

Finding a tree stump to sit on, she dropped her bag to the grass and watched her reflection on the stream’s surface. It looked as distorted as she felt.

A twig snapped somewhere to her left and she jumped, eyes wide. Who else could possibly have come out this far? She knew where she was going, but it didn’t seem probable that anyone else would.

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